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DEXTER Trophy Blood Slide Replica Box - Collectors Dream Come True

Fans of Showtime's hit series DEXTER will be more than interested in this "show accurate" replica trophy blood slide microscope box. How accurate is it? This exact style was used on season 5 courtesy of our friends at MichaelsCollectibles.

Below is a description by project director Joe Cosentino:

"What started as a fan project, offering high-end replicas of the Blood Slide Trophy Box used by everyone's favorate serial killer, has turned into the ultimate of opportunities, thanks largely in part to a very special friend.

We are very proud to announce that our slide boxes have been chosen to be used as THE prop slide box for production of the Showtime Televion Series ‘Dexter’ as of season 5.

This opportunity is a great honor for us and we are pleased to be able to offer our authentic Microscope Slide "Trophy Box" to fans worldwide."

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making them! -Jimmy Cosentino "Project Director"

Item Description:

-Expertly hand-crafted in a profesonal woodworking shop. Far from home-made fare, this item was constructed ung only the best methods and materials.

-Constructed ung the same methods and materials as the box featured as of season 5.

-Furniture-quality construction and finish. This item surpasses the quality of anything currently available anywhere by being constructed as would a fine piece of furniture. This box can be used for practical use in storing slides as well as a high-end keepsake for fans of the show.

-Features rubber pads on the bottom to protect display surfaces as well as protect the finish on the bottom of the box while being displayed.

-Includes accurate style double-slide per-slot.

-Each slide is individually prepared with a realistic artificial sample of blood for maximum authenticity. -Each 'blood' slide is unique and they will each have thier own 'character'.

-Our "Fully Loaded" option includes "The Smiley Slide" milar to the prop featured in a Season 1 episode.

-Because of the high-quality finish, your box can be cleaned and polished with any furniture polish to maintain it's beauty, though a damp wash cloth will do the trick just fine - and won't leave a film behind like some cleaning products may do!

-Includes a hand gned and stamped Certificate of Authenticity to ensure you're getting a certified Michael Cosentino Slide Box.

-Perfect t for a friend, family member or loved one who is in the field of Science and would appreciate a hand-crafted storage case for microscope slides.

-Buy it for practical use or for display as a memerobilia keepsake.

We also offer the option to hand-craft your slide case to your own unique tastes, with any color stain you wish, as well as the hardware relocated so that the lid opens on the long de.

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Saturday 9/17/2011 at 07:39 AM | 82856
Pretty sweet... I've tried to catch up with this show, but it seems to never be on... I can't wait for MCC To Release their TARDIS Cabinet... It's gonna be sweet if this is anything to get an idea from...

Kidtut Sunday 9/18/2011 at 01:06 AM | 82873