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Always wanted this set, so finally scored it at Walmart. Also picked up a $5.00 mask awhile ago for my collection. Also plan on getting the collector's one and the Deluxe. I love the animatronic and phone too, but they are a bit pricey, and if they break you could be screwed. I loved seeing it scare everyone at Spirit today, the phone rang and people picked it up and the life-zed starting talking and moving his

knife, and people jumped lol.l I was gonna get the 6 foot one but I thought I might just do a life-zed sometime on my mannequin and also have a wearable costume. I used to like the movies but never got into them too much, and now I got the Scream bug, probably due to SCRE4M. Not to mention I get a TON of requests for this costume, but it is not that complicated to make or get, even the store bought ones work OK. But I might try making a sparkly robe sometime.
sirbrad Monday 9/26/2011 at 05:30 PM | 83305
Kmart veron, whiter and more expenve at $9.99.

I thought about buying a regular black robe and long black gloves and making my own, might try it later after I see what is left after Halloween as I don't need the stuff right now.

sirbrad Tuesday 9/27/2011 at 03:14 PM | 83354
I bought a lot of stuff today to get my collection going as I just started it. Went on a shopping trip today for all kinds of Halloween and costume supplies, was a lot of fun. I always wanted this 60 inch Scream hanger, was really weird how I hung it up and the wind started blowing and making him face the camera then turning after I got the shot lol. Almost like he was pong for the pic. Most of these were damaged or broken at the store, or the faces were scratched up and the hand was broken on another. This was the best one. I also saw the Zombie one too but the face was scratched off also. This is for indoors actually as you can't trust the kids around here, but wanted to hang it up to get some shots of it in daylight. It was raining as well. I love it though! Got a lot more stuff to take pics of soon.

The way the bag was all the way home, the hand was reaching out as if trying to get out lol.

He was facing forward and actually turned and faced me with the wind for the picture, was really creepy and awesome lol.

Cool door hanger/poster I got at Biglots which also has a lot of Scream stuff.

Not exactly cheap, but well worth it.

Couldn't rest this one, tried this on in the store as it was the smallest ze, and still big on me some but fits great! Seems like most everyone else are too afraid to take costumes out and try them on, but not me as I am used to getting attention in costume lol. Plus I hate doing returns. I got this to do a life-zed for fun, so wanted it a little bigger to fit a 6 foot mannequin. Figured I would just do that instead of buying the skinnier 6 foot one and not be able to wear it, plus the chin is too small and would need to put a real mask over it to look more accurate. This will hold me over till I get a screen accurate high quality robe made sometime. Maybe the Father Death on eBay or from a guy on Youtube who makes them, not sure which is better yet.

sirbrad Wednesday 9/28/2011 at 09:21 PM | 83428
Came home and found my 60 inch hanger like this on the floor, weird.

This one I may have helped with a little lol.

sirbrad Sunday 10/16/2011 at 03:21 PM | 85206
Giant dooor decor with light up eyes, wanted this for years! Got it and some other stuff at the grand opening today at Hallowen City. I was the first one there! Lol.

sirbrad Friday 9/21/2012 at 04:22 PM | 96605