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FedEx Invaded By Zombies? Check Out Their Latest Commercial, We Think You'll Like It!

Usually we have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to see all the really cool commercials. But the folk over at FedEx have decided to launch their latest add campaign a wee bit early.

Check out their latest zombie filled commercial which features a group of survivors who are camped out in a convenience store waiting anxiously for the FedEx man to arrive on the scene with an anti-virus for their infected bud. Hope someone has a pen!

Source: STYD
Anonymous Saturday 10/01/2011 at 01:53 AM | 83545
Now thats funny!!!!
cat Saturday 10/01/2011 at 11:26 AM | 83553
We need more commercials like this!
Sephit Sunday 10/02/2011 at 04:54 AM | 83606