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Trick or Treat Studios - Some of the BEST Latex Masks on the Planet!

We can't countdown to Halloween without mentioning this custom mask studio. Our old friend Chris Zephro (Predent of Trick or Treat Studios) as well as the artists, Justin Mabry, Erich Lubatti (click here to read our interview with Erich)

& Darren Roberts (click here for our interview with Darren)

have come along way nce opening their doors to the public last year. Trick or Treat Studios is a brand new mask company in vein of others such as Don Post Studios and Distortions Unlimited.

Trick or Treat Studios is offering a growing line of affordable, high quality Halloween masks to be available at Retail Stores and Online through our webte,

Trick or Treat Studios is dedicated to bring back the vintage look and feel from the golden age of mask making. Their masks are made with the highest quality and attention to detail. With legend in the mask making industry Justin Mabry, heading our sculpting team, and working with degner like Erich Lubatti, Darren Roberts and Eric Pigors, our masks are sure to excite and fright.

They have full head masks and face masks. We have licenses with Eric Pigors to do the Toxic Toons and we're working with Universal Studios to do the Fun House Monster, Cedar Fair to make face masks to be sold at the Halloween Haunt events at all their parks, and we're currently working with Chaney Entertainment as well as Trancas.

Be sure to stop by the te and check out their lineup. These are high quality latex masks that are affordable, something you rarely see these days. Also don't let the pictures fool you. These masks look just as good in person as they do in the pics." class="photoborder" />

Click here to see their entire lineup:
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