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GINGERCLOWN 3D Trailer Is Here-But There's Still No Shots Of The Clown Voiced By Tim Curry

Up until now we've only been able to show you a couple of teasers from writer/director/producer Balazs Hatvani's upcoming clown flick Gingerclown 3D, which stars the voices of Tim Curry (Gingerclown), Brad Dourif (Wormcreature), Lance Henricksen (Braineater), Sean Young (Spiderwoman) and Michael Winslow (Stomachcrumble).

The horror/comedy which is an apparent homage to the '80s is the first ever English-language film shot in 3D from Hungary. Look for Gingerclown 3D to be released sometime this fall.

Until then, check out the official trailer which is presented in HD:

Source: STYD
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