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Spanish Terror That's . . . Not so Terrifying 'H6' (Review)

According to the DVD's packaging, H6 is "The Spanish answer to Hostel" (that quote comes from Bloody-Disgusting), well if this is the Spanish answer to HOSTEL, the Spanish are officially out of the debate, and they're taking home the 'I Got My Ass Kicked' badge for their troubles. Don't get me wrong, there's a fair story within the picture, and there's definitely a few really eerie moments. But it's just far, far too tame to compare to Hostel, which I personally didn't find all that extreme as it is.

Antonio (Fernando Acaso) Frau is released from prison after killing his girlfriend in a fit of rage. Upon seeing freedom Antonio is immediately informed he's been left his deceased Aunt's guest house (which happens to be a former brothel). Two weeks later Antonio is all settled into his new home, and he's married himself a new bride as well. After all the man has plans, and it's important to get the ball rolling early. First things first, ensure his wife is nice and comfy working her evening shift (this allows for plenty of time to perform the following acts). Next, assemble a nice torture chamber. Finally, lure prostitutes into the building, hold them captive, rape them and - lastly - chop them up into multiple pieces and bury them in assorted rural areas. Oh yeah, being the resourceful one, Antonio even saves certain body parts to feed to his cheating wife.

Did I say cheating wife? Yes, yes I did - that's right, there's a whole subplot concerning Antonio's wife Francisca (Maria Jose Bausa) and her infidelities. But that all feels squeezed into the plot for convenience factors alone; as that de of the story is never really fleshed out, and there is no punctuated resolve to the tuation. Regardless, the point remains, Antonio has plenty of time to dispose of plenty of women. But sadly (and oddly might I add), we the viewer never get to see much of that hack and slash. There's gallons of blood to deal with, but zero graphic shots of such heinous violence. Mass dismemberment; and we see virtually none of it. Why I ask?

Throughout the film we're treated to some nice camera techniques, intentionally (and effectively) awkward exchanges between characters, and some very ominous scenery. Antonio himself is definitely a bit creepy, but I find it a tad tough to be genuinely frightened by a guy who could show up as Brad Garrett's stand in any day of the week (I doubt many would even notice the difference sans ze). In the end, there's a lot of promise on hand and some beautiful setups, but writer/director Martin Garrido Baron seems to cut scenes a few moments too soon, and in all the wrong spots. It's a fair viewing once, but beyond that, I'll personally pass, as H6 passes as very little more than a letdown.

Grade: D+ (C- if I'm in a good mood)
Matt_Molgaard Wednesday 10/05/2011 at 05:42 PM | 83850