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'Dexter's Latest Catch' T-Shirt Featuring Ghostface - On Sale For A Limited Time

If your a fan of Dexter or Scream your going love this crossover T-Shirt from Other Tees.

Cleverly entitled "Dexter's Latest Catch," the shirt depicts Ghostface in a precarious tuation on Dexter's lab table - known all to well by it's former occupants. To the right we see all of Dexter's "work" tools,and to the left we see the complete catalog of Scream DVDs.

The shirt which is also known as "There will be NO Scream 5" sells for $13.00 and can be ordered HERE...but you'll have to act fast because it will only be available until Friday.

Source: STYD
Anonymous Wednesday 10/05/2011 at 10:53 PM | 83870