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CARRIE (Review)

CARRIE is one of the best movies that is based on a Stephen King Novel. It's about a teen misfit who doesn't socialize with anyone. It's already bad enough she gets abuse at school, but also gets abuse from her over religious mother. Whenever Carrie tries overcome her mom, her mom has to strike back with the infamous "go to your closet" punishment. Sue Snell, a classmate of Carrie's felt bad for Carrie so she asks her boyfriend to take Carrie to the Prom. When Carrie gets asked to the prom by a popular boy Tommy Ross, she says yes. When Carrie arrives at the Prom, all of the other students are completely shocked to see her there. For once Carrie became the person everyone would talk about. But all havoc breaks loose at the prom caused by Carrie, due to the most devastating prank that someone could ever pull on the class outcast.

'If you've got a taste for terror, take Carrie to the Prom.'

This film is absolutely flawless. CARRIE had everything a movie could ever need- a good story-line, good actors, and a twist. ssy Spacek really did an excellent job playing a social outcast. I don't think anybody else could play that part

perfectly. An even better about this film is the muc they composed. It was so gentle, so calming, and for the parts where something strange or not good was going to happen, the muc really took a snap into the craziness. Brian De Palma, you really know how to make a movie. I would give this film a 10 out of 10.
horror3747 Sunday 10/09/2011 at 10:35 PM | 84105
I really liked ssy Spacek in this, just had one hangup. I read and enjoyed the novel years after seeing the film and was surprised to see that the book veron of Carrie was a heavier, far less attractive character! I think it takes away something of the surprise of the small kindness that Sue tries to do in making the lead character pretty, just a little weird.
dew Friday 10/14/2011 at 01:14 AM | 85048