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The Perfect Fan-Made Original 1978 HALLOWEEN Michael Myers Mask?

HorrorBid's "Countdown to Halloween" shoves on with the great "white mask". We get a personal kick out of ung the word "perfect" in this title because we know how the sub culture of the mask collecting world can be. Some are probably rolling their eyes and laughing before they even read this. And rightfully so, one person's favorite may be another person's least liked. That is the variety of life. HorrorBid's roots run deep in the collecting community and there isn't a more hardcore, rabid group of fans than the Michael Myers mask crowd...

I would imagine that from the time John Carpenter's original Halloween hit theaters back in 1978 that fans immediately wanted to own a white mask that looked like the one used in the film. The movie while many contest is the greatest "slasher" film of all time's is nothing without that plain, eerily blank white mask. And while the "Don Post Latex Mask" company and other studios have tried to re-create the mask through mass production, no mask has ever lived up to the original look.

Enter the indie scene. Collectors who have a pason for the movies will often try to recapture the look from a film to create the ultimate collectible, in this case a mask. Below is about as close as one can get to owning the original mask in our opinion. It's a combination piece from Greek sculptor Nikolas Dreos and finished by artist James Carter (the NAG/JC 1978 mask as it's called). Thanks to Hugo Aguirre, the owner of this "Halloween" fans wet dream for the images below.

Those of you truly dedicated to the franchise will notice a special "Ben Tramer" edition of the mask below as well.

For reference below is an behind the scenes image of the Michael Myers stunt actor Nick Castle holding the original 1978 Halloween mask (which was a 1975, spray painted white Don Post "Star Trek" Captain Kirk mask).

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