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1 -2 Check Out This Shoe: Diversitile's New Custom Freddy Krueger "Nightmare" Sneakers

I've seen many different custom style Freddy Krueger Nike sneakers in my day, but this particular pair that are being showcased below are without a doubt the best that I've seen thus far.

Divertile created these amazingly cool "Nightmare" Nike SB dunks, and they are detailed in ever way imaginable. They have his burned skin on the toe, his sweater on the de, and on the back of the shoe is Freddy Krueger's glove (minus the blades of course). And as an added touch, Divertile even made a custom shoe box to house your sneaks which comes decorated with Freddy's sweater, and burnt skin.

Check out the image gallery below, then head on over to the bank for a loan, because these puppies don't come cheap!

The sneakers are available now for $550.00, for ordering details please click


Source:Sneaker Genius
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