Hello, I'm DeathsBestFriend and now I will be reviewing the movie Inde.

The movie Inde was a blood filled gorefest. The gore in this movie is over the top.

Not to mention how brilliantly degned the movie is and how insanely put together the storyline is outlined.

This movie has intense and unique qualities to it.

The acting in this movie was immense and the actors and actresses played there roles to an almost over the brilliant line.

The whole "screw this I'm not taking this bitches shit" attitude worked well in this movie.

The mother took into effect the "fuck this its time for me to become the badass role".

Not to mention how much blood was shed making this one of the most goriest movie's I have seen in a while.

The psychopath in this movie played her role just as if you were watching a psychopath.

Her intense blend of looking like a psycho and/or being a psycho is what made this movie exceed the limit of epic.

The great expanse of being a total nut and being one who just wants revenge worked beyond the limitless quantities in this movie.

This female was definantly a badass and deserves a better title as "Crazy Bitch".

This movie had its unique memorable moments.

Such as: the fire to the face, and the scissors to the forehead leaving the person a walking brainless zombie.

As much as the bloodshed shed in this movie almost leaves you at a "holy shit".

So much into the extraction of blood, the taste for revenge caung the bloodshed is more into a in depth, more intense hate atmosphere.

Overall this movie deserves a "EPIC" title and the extra title of "EPIC BLOODSHED" When I saw this movie I was like no way holy shit this has gotta be one of the most goriest movie's I've seen.

Not to mention that Evil WINS.
DeathsBestFriend Wednesday 10/12/2011 at 08:29 PM | 84820