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My Top Series Ratings

Hello, I'm DeathsBestFriend and now I will show you my top horror movies Series (and remakes), not really too much to say about the clascs cause they all got there clasc moments, thirst for bloodshed. And I don't have a top 10. I got a top "EPIC".

Evil Dead Series Overall: 10/10 "EPIC"

The Exorcist Series Overall: 10/10 "EPIC"

Dawn of the Dead Series Clasc and Remake Overall: 10/10 "EPIC" (including: survival of the dead, day of the dead clasc and remake, night of the living dead)

Nightmare on Elm Street Full Series (Including Remake) Overall: 10/10 "EPIC"

Friday the 13th Series (including Remake which I thought wasn't that bad, you know its new) Overall: 10/10 "EPIC"

Phantasm Series Overall: 10/10 "EPIC"

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series (including remakes) Overall: 10/10 "EPIC"

Had to do it!! Ghostbusters Series Overall: 10/10 "EPIC"
DeathsBestFriend Wednesday 10/12/2011 at 11:18 PM | 84839
All those are great release horror movies ever. I like all those and my most favorite in those top ten list is The Evil Dead. I've enjoyed this movie lot of time and again demand to watch it. I would like to rate it 9.5/10.
jonspaker01 Thursday 10/13/2011 at 08:24 AM | 84959