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Paranormal Activity 3 'Tweet To See It First' Results Are In & Audience Reaction Video

Well Bidites...All the votes for "Tweet To See It First" contest are in, and the moment of truth is finally here....

If your city appears in the list below then your get to see Paranormal Activity 3 on October 18th which is three days before the film's global release! Make sure you RSVP HERE in order to get to see it before all your relatives in Wyoming.

Houston, TX Vancouver, BC Phoenix, AZ San Antonio, TX Melbourne, Australia Fresno, CA Panama City, Panama Los Angeles, CA New York, NY Mexico City, Mexico Orlando, FL Dallas, TX Toronto, ON Tel Aviv, Isreal Chicago, IL Sao Paulo, Brazil Austin, TX Miami,FL London, UK Sheffield, UK

Congratulations to all the lucky bastards who get's to see PA 3 first!! For those who's city didn't appear, here's a brand new reaction trailer which was just released. Hope you enjoy it.

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