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Effect of WORLD WAR 2 (WW2)

An introduction to the World War 2 would be an unnecessary procedure. The global clash lasted for almost 6 years which resulted in immense loss of life and possesons all over the world. The most disappointing matter occurred in the World War 2 was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. Effect of world war 2:

Millions of people lost their life during the war. Countless number of people left homeless. However World War 2 causes an end to the dictatorship in Europe and made united state and Soviet Union as the superior power of the world. The main cause of the war due to lack of peace organization to discuss and solve the international problems. But at the end of World War 2, The United Nation has formed to promote security and peace in the world.

World War 2 has damaged several Aan and European countries. The territorial borders of European countries were redrawn. The territorial expanon was beneficial to the Soviet Union. By this Soviet Union has got parts of Finland, Japan, Poland, Germany and some independent states to its territories. Germany was the worst affected nation by the war. After the war Germany was divided into four parts. One of each was held by United States, France, Great Britain and Soviet Union. The primary plan put forward to the Germany was too rude. But it was taken way by realizing that recovery of Europe is not posble without the recovery of German industrial base.

The world has benefitted economically by the war. The destruction caused by the war was not at all affected further economic system. Many job opportunities were created which bought an end to the disaster caused by the great depreson. The European economy was almost brought to an idle during the World War 2. It was ended on 2nd September 1945, but world was in need of lot of time to refresh but the lost still remains
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