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HEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!!! Stanley Kubrick's: THE SHINING (Review)

THE SHINING is one of the best horror films that was ever created. It had a great setting, an isolated hotel up in the wintery mountains. Another great thing about it was the whole plot line and how everything that was mentioned near the beginning of the film, tied in with what happens at the end. This may be a long movie, but every minute is worth it.

THE SHINING is about a man, Jack Torrence (Jack Nicholson) and his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall), along with their child Danny "Doc" travel up to a hotel in the mountains for the winter to take care of it. But things horrible things that happened there in the past start to take affect on Jack, putting Wendy and Danny in danger.

Jack Nicholson made an awesome performance by playing Jack Torrence. He played Jack's craziness so well that you may even actually think that he could be like this. Shelley Duvall played Wendy well. She made Wendy look so innocent and fragile. This film is awesome in any way and I would highly recommend this.
horror3747 Thursday 10/20/2011 at 10:09 PM | 85564