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Be Prepared Not Scared: 'Grim Night' May Be Heading Our Way

A new tale of horror may be coming to us from the mind of the guy that brought us the Strangers, Bryan Bertino.

This new "holiday"-inspired horror film scribed by Bertino is entitled Grim Night and it's said to mix elements of the supernatural with the end of the world.

Although details are still scant at the moment the story focuses on a yearly event known as"Grim Night." It's the time of year when the Grim Reapers come knocking on your door to gather and collect souls. The rules are mple: Do Not Engage, Do Not Touch...Obey


The concept seems to be very intriguing...let's just hope the film can find a studio that feels the same way that we do.

Check out the promo trailer, and see if you agree.

Source: B-D
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