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HorrorBid's 13 Day's of Halloween Part IV: Supernatural, The Best Show You Aren't Watching

Play in once again Johnny John John!

Never heard of it? That's your first mistake

Heard of it but never got around to watching it?

That's your second mistake.

Supernatural is creator and former show-runners Eric Kripke's love child. Supernatural is a horror/sci-fi/drama/orgasmic action packing/ball busting show that follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester on their cross country road trip as hunters of the Supernatural and UN-ordinary.

The show is far from new, just entering it's 6th year on Televion, Supernatural has been CW's sleeper hit nce before CW existed way back in 2005 when it was the WB. The show has ran for 7 successful seasons and the latest season, season 7 premiered on Sepetember 23rd and has new episodes every Friday at 9pm/8 on the CW.


For me, this show has stayed crisp and unexpecting for the duration of it's run. Even though most series fans will tell you the show hit its peak at the end of the 5th season when it was given an ending that should have never been followed up.

Due to the extreme fandom and popularity of the show, Supernatural came back for a 6th and now 7th season with the original cast and crew but with Executive producer Sera Gamble taking the chair as Showrunner and Eric moving on to Executive producer so he could work on other projects.

His unique touch is still there. The show stays fresh and follows the journey and never ending quest of Sam and Dean Winchester.

Now, without spoiling the show for anyone that's about to give this show a shot, here's what you can expect from the 7th seasons of Supernatural. ... 786&sr=8-1" class="photoborder" />

Season 2

Sam and Dean continue on their Journey. Hunting down more big baddies and being bad ass while doing it. This time they have friends to help them along the way. Along with a father like figure and fellow Hunter, Bobby. Dean and Bobby deal with a secret that John told to Dean and has been keeping from Sam about his past. Sam, deals with what seems to be something Supernatural happening to himself.This time, they don't just the supernatural to worry about, the cops are onto them.

This season: Ghosts, Spirits, Urban Legends, Monsters, Creatures From Lore, Demons ... 881&sr=8-8" class="photoborder" />

Season 3

This time, Sam and Dean are seriously in for it. The gates of hell, have opened. Letting all types of things that

should never see the light of day. Dean, has sold his soul and has a year left to live so he's living it up to the

fullest. Throughout this season Sam and Dean try to find a way out his deal that if he whelches on, Sam dies. Sam dealing with his powers still, meets and unlikely friend in a demon names Ruby, whom Dean doesn't trust at all. A new boss, Lilith is in the mix and really wants Sam dead. And an unrelentless cop and hunter is hot on their trail. Still, they ride.

This season: Demons, Spirits, Vampires, The 7 Deadly ns, Monsters, Legends ... 881&sr=8-5" class="photoborder" />

Season 4:

Just as things seems peaceful for a while, Dean shows back up. But how? Sam and Dean and Bobby continue to hunt and figure out a way to get rid of Lilith but everything just got a little more interesting when an angel named Castiel shows up to help them along the way. Sam and Dean deal with the fact that there is something greater out there and more evil than they have ever dealt and Dean's past begins to haunt him along with the fact that Sam is keeping a secret from Dean that puts that starts to shake apart their relationship.

This season: Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, Urban Legends, Angels, Lucifer, Profits ... 012&sr=8-1" class="photoborder" /> Season 5:

It's apocolypse, now. Lucifer is out of the cage and now Sam and Dean have to save the world once again but can they do it. Lucifer needs a vessel and he has his eye on Sam. Castiel is dealing with his orders from Heaven that he no longer believes in and the riff between Sam and Dean is fixed...for now. Can Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel put their differences ade, work with angels and demons. And defeat Lucifer and the Four horsemen? Or will this be the end.

This season: Demons, Angels, Lucifer, God, The Four Horsemen, Monsters ... 066&sr=8-3" class="photoborder" />

Season 6:

They did it. Lucifer is gone and now Dean gets to live a normal apple pie life. He has for a year. But when Sam shows up after releaving he has been alive for almost the whole time with some new family members, Dean has to deal with leaving his loved ones and jumping back into the life and what appears to be a souless Sam. In post apolocylpse life, nothing is what it seems. Things have changed.

This season: Demons, Angels, Lucifer, God, Death, Monsters, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory ... 066&sr=8-5" class="photoborder" />250px-SPN-Season7PromoPoster.jpg

Season 7

Sam, Dean, Bobby and the new God are at a wits end. Sam and Dean are powerless against this new almighty foe and someting that he unintentionally brings back from purgatory. Sam and Dean have a whole new baddie on their tale that wants them dead. Castiel is gone and Sam is having trouble figuring out what's real and whats not. Catch up and tune in for the rest of this season to find out what happens to our unlikely heroes. ... 215&sr=1-1


That was a lot, and I probably could've kept some things out but I had to rope you guys in somehow. Remarkably I don't think I gave away anything

crucial. Which is hard because I love this show to death and I follow it

very closely. It really is worth your time. The legacy of supernatural isn't just about two bad asses hunting

what ain't suppose to be alive. But It is an almost perfectly written show that deals with two brothers who

believe there name is cursed. It's enriched with clasc rock muc, witty banter, pop culture references and a different kind of family values that make you want to call up your brother and go out on the open road.

If you haven't given this show the time of day I highly suggest it. It's never too late to jump on the bandwagon.

Along with the 7 seasons there is supernatural: The Animation which follows the boys on the same Journey but it gives everything you love about the show a new twist." class="photoborder" />

There are companion books and graphic novels, soundtracks, conventions and just about enough fandom to make you question the true intention of "slash fans".

For this Halloween season, cut off all the lights, pop this show into your dvd or blu-ray player and get lost on a road trip to die for.

Source: ... ernatural+ ... =Main_Page
Artclasshero Friday 10/21/2011 at 10:32 PM | 85648
yeah... i think about 91% of horror fans watch this already lol
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 10/22/2011 at 01:17 AM | 85663
I hope so lol

But every I come across people that have never seen it and it saddens me.
Artclasshero Saturday 10/22/2011 at 06:30 AM | 85689
I abso-freakin-lutley LOVE this show! I have never missed an episode nce it's been on and I plan my nights around Supernatural. It's the only show on TV nowadays that I follow religiously. I love the Sam/Dean dynamic and every week the story and character building is fresh and inventive. It's a show that will have you laughing one minute and cringing away from the screen the next. The gore in this show really pushes the boundaries for what can be shown on TV and it's great.
Ed Reilly Sunday 10/23/2011 at 07:40 PM | 85749
I like watching that show. That is my favorite one.
EmilyJack Tuesday 1/17/2012 at 08:46 AM | 89602
OMG! Loved this article. I was just to start one about the hidden gem that is Supernatural and came across this! Supernatural is a great show! I am watching season 5 on netflix right now. Ive seen it before but decided to start over. This show is awesome, original and keeps on giving great strylines after storylines. I started watching it when it first debuted but fell out of watching it sometime between the 2nd and 3rd season and remembered it last year and started following it again. I love this show. I think season 5 finale wouldve been an amazing way to end this show, but it wouldve been sad to not see it continue. I just hope the next few seasons are original and as good as the previous seasons. Is there a forum dedicated to supernatural?
kizzle Monday 3/26/2012 at 11:19 PM | 91799