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Busted Knuckle Productions Presents The First Clip & Artwork For 'Cornered'

It's always great when a new flick arrives on the scene and the production company takes the time to provide a nice little write up for us, which is just the case for this upcoming film from Busted Knuckle Productions. Here's the official press release:

Busted Knuckle Productions is pleased to show the final artwork for the thriller Cornered. This serial killer thriller will release in 2012 starring Hunter G. Williams (Divine Unrest) Heather McComb ("Prison Break') and Scott Michael Campbell (Push). Final details only distribution negotiations are taking place right now as Busted Knuckle Productions continues to produce the best in the genres of thriller and horror.

As well, a new clip for Cornered is being released today, which shows some of the stunts incorporated into the feature. Actor Hunter G. Williams chases a villain through the streets of Los Angeles. This perp’ might just have the location details on "The Stranger," a dangerous killer. This dangerous man likes to play games with police and other characters trying to track down his mysterious location. Enjoy this exciting preview for a title that will shock film fans in just a few months!

“In the film, The Stranger (Ricky Onsgard) has a game that he likes to play. Those unfortunate enough to partake in his ck deres must fight their way out of a booby-trapped house. If they fail, they lose their lives, but if they escape, they will have only more questions. When will The Stranger appear next?”


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