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Wrong Turn 4 Bloody Beginnings (Detailed Synopsis w/Spoilers)

The Wrong Turn Movies are all based on cannibalistic inbred mutant hillbillies in the West Virginia mountains. nce I'm a dirty little gore whore that screams "holy Sh?t balls this is awesome" and I enjoy most of them. The 3rd installment a straight to DVD just like the second entry (which is my favorite) sucked really bad. The reason why was really extremely crappy CGI I mean Photoshop crappy.

Let me first start on this movie which was way better than the 3rd and a prequel to the original. We start out in a loony bin containing disfigured and mentally unstable people where a doctor explains to a new social worker how everything goes. Then the Doc talks about the 3 most dangerous (you can tell who I'm talking about) and why they are which explains alot and why they are all locked up. After that they all escape due to the 3 little bastards they take over the Asylum and murders the workers.

After a gruesome death we get to the sex including a lesbian scene (Holy crap it was unexpected) then after the pie eating contest the gang gets ready for a snowy adventure with a map and no GPS which would've ruined the movie. After getting lost knowing a storm is coming they see the old Asylum in the distance. They go to the place and get warm of course not expecting what's gonna happen.

Now they get picked off in gory fashions and some CGI is used but not as bad as the previous installment. In the movie some characters made bad decions. I'm not gonna judge on acting nce its not to be expected from a direct to DVD movie.

I'll just say watch it if you want to nce there is no harm on giving it a shot.
hm4life Saturday 10/22/2011 at 06:51 AM | 85692