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Mena Suvari & Kathleen Rose Perkins Are The Latest Additions To American Horror Story

Apparently FX is still welcoming new additions to the season one cast of their dark and creepy show American Horror Story, and we just happen to have all the details below.

TVline has learned that the lovely Mena Suvari (pictured below) has been cast as a young woman who has a connection to the Harmon house. The young woman's nickname? The Black Dahlia. As in the high-profile murder victim whose 1947 unsolved killing was the subject of myriad books and movie adaptations. (It remains unclear if the character will actually go by the name Elizabeth Short.)

Suvari is set to appear in this season’s ninth episode.

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It is also being reported from that

Kathleen Rose Perkins (pictured below) will appear in at least one episode as "Peggy," the supportive lesbian friend of Zachary Quinto's character "Chad." As you may recall, it was announced previously that Quinto will play a gay interior degner in a future episode(s) who used to be the owner of the show’s centerpiece haunted house.

Source: TV Line ,
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