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Mondo To Release The Second Poster In It's 'Jurassic Park' Series On 10/27

It looks like another poster suitable to hang in your man-cave is on it's way once again from Mondo - and the timing is just right.

With the release of the Jurasc Park trilogy hitting Blu-ray on Tuesday, Mondo Tee's have found it fitting to release the second poster in their ongoing series based on Steven Spielberg's blockbuster.

The first poster in the series was created by artist Aaron Horkey, but it was quickly criticized by a select few for not being "movie poster" enough -

that shouldn't be an be an issue for artist JC Richard, who's responble for this kick ass poster.

Richard has created a beautiful, almost photo realistic glimpse of Lex, Tim and Dr. Grant’s calming moment with the Brachiosauruses that inhabited the park. Check out this gorgeous image below.

24 x 36 inch screenprint released in an edition of 375 and will cost $45.

This "Jurasc" pieces of art will be available online at a random time on Thursday, October 27th. Please follow

@MondoNews on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

(Word to the wise - stay glued to your PC or smartphone because once the announcement is made, I can guarantee you that this poster will definitely SELL OUT!!)

Source: Slash Films
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