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'Attack the Block' (Review): Another Contender for Year's Best Genre Film!

What could posbly be more entertaining than a group of man hungry aliens attacking the rugged South London streets, and the thuggish teens who inhabit “The Block”? Well, maybe Eli Craig’s outlandish feature, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, or perhaps Chris Crow’s amazing sleeper gem, Panic Button… but that’s a debate for another time: let’s get back on track, and discuss this wicked invaon flick.

I’ve already divulged the general idea behind the film; it’s thugs versus aliens, but what prompts the war is the slaughtering of a female alien that randomly lands in London. After Moses (John Boyega) kills the creature, a slew of male aliens follow the pheromones, and begin hunting Moses and his crew of ruffnecks, eager to extract revenge on the humans.

The action is extremely fast paced, there are some wonderfully gory sequences (though they’re delivered at a very controlled rate; don’t expect buckets of blood from this one), the characters are not only hilarious, but memorable and (in a few occaons) endearing. The underlying comedy within the picture is fabulous, and the only complaint I have in regards to the dialogue in general is the occaonal difficulty in understanding what these kids are saying. It can be tough enough deciphering accents, deciphering accents adorned by ebonics makes for a whole new challenge.

The cast is absolutely fantastic. We’re dealing with a group of youngsters (is a ngle one of these kids over 18?) who carry an explove film on their shoulders as though they were born for it. And when it comes to male lead, Moses (who looks like he could be related to both Mike Tyson and Paul Daley), I cannot stress enough how impresve John Boyega performs. This kid is menacing, ruthless, intelligent and compasonate all at the same time; but his hard exterior never so much as flutters, and it’s easy to get behind this bad ass.

There is quite the load of madness to unfold here, and I could highlight a solid 10 scenes that stand out as excellent cinema, but I’d rather allow you, the viewer to enjoy this piece for what it is, and take in one of the year’s biggest shockers: Attack the Block is a film that isn’t afraid of any pitfalls, and that may be the very foundation beneath its brilliance; fearlessness.

Grade: A+
Matt_Molgaard Wednesday 10/26/2011 at 10:05 PM | 85892
it will be a sad occurrence if the Bidite Nation opts to ignore this gem...

Matt_Molgaard Thursday 10/27/2011 at 02:43 AM | 85928
Just watched this today (been wanting to see it for a while) and loved it. One of the most unique and original films in recent memory. The monsters were great, the pacing was perfect and I was kept guesng the entire time. Outstanding stuff. Hopefully this will catch on like Trick 'r Treat finally is, it deserves to be a new genre favorite.

On a te note (and this is nothing against the film) but I thought it was going to be a parkour film kind of like District B13 with aliens. How awesome would that be? They are being chased by aliens and are jumping and climbing all over the cityscape to get away. Someone needs to make that movie.
Cecil Sunday 10/30/2011 at 01:37 AM | 86103
Saw this a few weeks ago.

The kids were great, and I really enjoyed the fresh take on the genre.

I also liked the alien effects.

No major CGI here, but they came up with a very interesting look for the creatures.

It was definitely a fun watch, and I'd recommend that everyone check it out.
gummi Sunday 10/30/2011 at 05:40 AM | 86110