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Michael Myers Returns! - SHERI MOON ZOMBIE Presents "TOTAL SKULL Halloween" Video

Courtesy of an e-mail from Mrs. Zombie herself, we have a brand new "Happy Halloween" video from Rob Zombie's better half, Sheri Moon Zombie and her clothing line, TOTAL SKULL. The featurette includes the return of "Michael Myers" along with a tribute to Captain Spalding, "Baby", El Superbesto and a sprinkle of other Rob Zombie creations. We even see the "Myers" house, which appears to be a near replica (sans the address) from John Carpenter's original 1978 Halloween. The brand was developed in 2006 and has been devoted to horror fans and metal heads alike. Check out the video below and we hope this is just one more piece of the puzzle that gets you into full Halloween mode. Happy All Hallow's Eve Bidites!

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