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The Ultimate HALLOWEEN Michael Myers Mask Collection?

Note: This was not apart of our current Halloween video contest that will end at midnight tonight on Halloween.

This was separate little "social networking" contest that we asked the Bidite nation a few days ago to submit just their Michael Myers mask collection in honor of the big day. We would pick our favorite and give the winner a little treat. Hey it's not candy but still a worthy t to any HALLOWEEN fan. After receiving over 30 entires we've narrowed it down to our favorite.Thanks to all those that shared their collections of "white masks". Congratulations to Darren Jones aka StraneratHome, his videos are below. What an impresve collection of white masks. Happy Halloween to all you horror collectors out there!
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Monday 10/31/2011 at 04:54 AM | 86158