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Costume and Front Window Setup for Trick or Treaters 2011

Hey. I thought I'd share some pics from Halloween at our house this year.

There were a few good moments last night but there was one that stood out for me.

A young girl was afraid to get her candy from lent Jason's outstretched arm and asked her brother and his friend to grab it. They left her standing there alone. Instead of running away she slowly approached Jason, got the candy and said thank you.

Very brave, it was like the final girl scenario where she confronts the killer.

Here are some pics my mother took (Kill her Mommy).

Thanks to my ster for helping with one of the pics.

The pics seem to be cut off on the right de. The full verons can be viewed here:

Boyd Tuesday 11/01/2011 at 04:35 PM | 86279