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Here's A Sneaker Every Zombie Will Be Asking For...The Walking Dead Converse Chucks

Although just a concept at the moment, these Walking Dead-themed Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars from the imaginative folks at Tauntr are creating quite a buzz on line - and after viewing the image below you'll know why.

The art work on these kicks are insane. Featuring a member of the undead club on the heal of the sneak with a crimson soaked mouth and a blood soaked rubber toe. No detail is skipped, there's even a rip in the de to add real character to this

cool idea for a basketball sneaker. The only bad thing about these Chuck's are their currently not for sale!

Tauntr also created a sneaker which depicts everybody's favorite serial killer - Dexter, which like the Walking Dead sneak is currently only for show.

Now that your drooling everywhere - hoping to score these awesome pups,

you'll have to remain patient with your fingers crossed and pray to God everyday that these awesome pieces of fashion become a reality.

Source: Tauntr
Anonymous Friday 11/04/2011 at 10:16 PM | 86475