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Our good friends at Shrunken Head Studios ( ) have made their name in the buness by creating some of the ckest 1:6th scale accessorie, zombies and other ghoulish collectible delights. Well, not only will the company still be creating their own unique figures but they are also getting into the licenng game. First up is the cult clasc 1982 film, CREEPSHOW!

Yes Bidites, expect NATE and a few others to be announced soon as the company will be created both 1:6th and 1:4th scale figures. Will it stop there? Well we can't say to much at this point but lets just say that this wave of badassness is only beginning. Expect more excluve content and figures that you've never seen before.

NECA and DESHOW are no doubt the top dogs but the pickings are ripe and there are tons and TONS of figures that horror fans are chomping to own and trust me when I say this, "SHS" does it like no one else. The quality and pricing is top notch. Expect these to be available for pre-order very soon and yes these will also be in retail stores as well as online.

Also expect HorrorBid to even have a few contests in the very near future as we will be looking forward to working with "SHS" much more in the future.

Stay tuned and until then here is an excluve sneak peek of a sculpt in progress ("where's my cake?")," class="photoborder" />

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