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CONFIRMED: Tarman Action Figure From Amok Time Will Ship In January!!

Great new Bidites, the wait is almost over!!

According to an email which we received today in our inbox from Amok Time, the Tarman action figures have been next day aired in from China for the Horror Hound show this weekend and will be available in limited quantities to those attending. This means you'll be able to score one of those long awaited figures approx 8 weeks before he's ready to be released to the general public. PLEASE NOTE this advance release will be 30.00 (an additional 8.00 over SRP $21.99) to cover the next day air costs.

To learn about the Horror Hound Show follow this link:

Horror Hound

If your not able to attend the show you'll have to wait until January when all regular preorders will ship. Which kinda stinks, but at least we finally have a set release date!

"Tarman" features a jaw that actually open and closes, a ball jointed neck and shoulders provide full articulation to the figure along with a body completely covered in authentic looking tar. The base contains a Trioxin container as well as a partially munched on brain! Pretty cool stuff!!

The amount of details that have been put into this long overdue figure are truly unbelievable. It practically screams, "BUY Me"! BUY Me! And with a retail price of $21.99, I will. Order Tarman only at AmokTime.

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