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David Randall Has A... 'Disorder' (2006) Review

The movie begins with things going "bump" in the night. What is it? An intruder? A twist on this usual scene is that a man, not a big breasted tweenager goes to investigate the sounds. What David Randall finds, brings back the memories of a brutal incident which he was accused of years ago.

We soon learn that David Randall (Darren Kendrick) has a mental illness; He suffers from

schizophrenia, kept under control by medication. He works at a diner; reminiscent of Norman Bates in "Psycho 2". Yeah, I think he looks a little like Norman Darren Kendricks gives a good, believable. understated performance as David, a recently discharged mental patient who allegedly killed a young couple several years earlier. David's history also includes the murder of his father by a masked killer who was never caught. David finds himself falling for the recently widowed waitress (Lauren Seikaly) who works at his diner and in conflict with her possesve friend who wants to be her boyfriend. There's a lot of tenon in the film and one can almost feel David's hopelessness and fear. Is he really a killer?

Or is someone else out to make him look like one? Or is he just plain paranoid and deluonal?

I was surprised to find out that I knew the director! He actually runs a pizzaria called "Pizza Express" literally right across the street from one of my jobs where I work as a DVD rental clerk at this mom and pop place. He used to come in and rent all the time; A really genuinely nice guy. I didn't find out about this until a few years later. Thus, my motivation for reviewing this movie. It definitely has a kind of "Made for TV" movie feel, but it's a solid effort none-the-less for producing, writing, and directing a first movie.

The plot asks you to accept a lot but by the time it reaches its (multiple) trick ending, I found myself involved and impressed. Not a clasc but definitely worthy of a look. Not a bad movie at all!

The Verdict: Solid B

(Pun intended)
Jonny Sicko Thursday 11/17/2011 at 05:16 PM | 87117