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'The Rubber Man' Is Revealed In Next Weeks Episode of American Horror Story

For those of you who may have missed the previews at the end of last nights episode of American Horror Story, don't fret - as always we have your ass covered.

Episode 8, entitled 'Rubber Man'

airs on 11/23, and judging by the previews below this is one episode that your not gonna wanna miss! The episode synops says it all...The man in the rubber suit is revealed.

Does anybody have a guess as to who this mystery man may be? We're going with Charles Montgomery's reanimated son, Thaddeus. We know, it sounds crazy but if you recall in the 5th episode 'Halloween, Part 2' we learned that male ghosts can't get an erection. Thaddeus isn't technically a ghost because he was brought back to life. So it can be posble...right?

Source: HorrorBid
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