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A Hairy Ordeal Haring Michael Myers Custom Mask

Haring any mask is no easy task especially when it's the Boogeyman himself. I got two blanks copies on ebay months ago and have just gotten around to painting them and finished the hairing yesterday. I think it looks really good with coppermoose hair on it. And the mask fits so comfortabley. I love it and can't wait to finish the second one. Check out the images of Mr. Myers below and let me know your thoughts. Nothing like a "white mask" for Christmas!

weaponx Saturday 11/19/2011 at 08:31 PM | 87206
Love it.
AgnesItsMeBilly Saturday 11/19/2011 at 10:44 PM | 87214
Nice job! Looks awesome!
Jonny Sicko Sunday 11/20/2011 at 11:54 PM | 87282
Thanks guys. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. And if anyone is trying to do the same thing check out this video. I don't know if maskmaniac is someone here but it was definitely helpful.
weaponx Monday 11/21/2011 at 07:33 PM | 87296