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The Movie Theater

Ladies and Gents...with all the talk, debate and opinion going on lately, I thought I would give everyone a break from things. I love acting, stunt work, etc. I love movies, especially horror. It's why I am a Horrorbid member.

But the last stop a movie makes is the place where all can gather to watch them. It's where you can buy a bag of popcorn, a soda or what have you and grab a seat for the next big presentation.

So allow me a moment of your time to take you on a tour, a virtual tour through the historic Paramount theater in Anderson, IN.

This place is truly amazing and well...see for yourself. Let's take a scroll.

and now a look at the dresng rooms...downstairs

and we end with everyone's favorite...some old projectors.

Thank you for joining the grand tour of the Paramount Theater.
aceofspades70 Sunday 11/20/2011 at 04:30 AM | 87247