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Get Ready To Go Back to School - 'The School In the Woods' Reveals Some Found Footage

Bidites are ya tired of all this found footage madness?? If you find yourself shaking your head left and right a couple of times like we are, then you might be interested in this next film from Tony Fox which has elements that seem very intriguing.

In the fall of 2009, a group of college students ventured into the backwoods of Louiana to find an abandoned school.


place with a history of violent deaths going back seventy years or more, before the school was even built.

For a class project, they were

to film the school and find evidence of the paranormal.

To hunt for ghosts.

They found what they were looking for.

And now the school in the woods is going to teach them a lesson in fear.

The audience witnesses first hand, as the characters relationships begin to break down, and we're never really sure if it's mple human nature or if "the school" is driving them to self- destruction with an inevitable, creepy and shocking aftermath." class="photoborder" />

Writer/Director Tony Fox's feature film debut is an unconventional take on the horror film genre.

Filming 10 minute long, one-take scenes, he's created a tenon filled rollercoaster ride with old school scares, influenced by Japanese horror films and the "backwoods" horror films of the seventies.

The film was shot on location in an abandoned school in northern Louiana over the course of five days.

A cast and crew of 60 people worked for free on the project, shooting up to 30 pages of script a day, given the 10 minute scene story structure.

The School In The Woods was chosen as an Official 2011 Selection for the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival

and The Film Festival of Colorado, kicking off both of the film's festivals which were exhibited in June.

Source: D-C
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