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The Prometheus Trailer Leak Is HERE - HURRY BEFORE IT'S PULLED!

We hope that there's some fast Bidites out there because it appears as if Fox is gearing up to release the first trailer for Prometheus and we just so happen to have a small sample of the goods on hand which will undoubtedly be pulled faster than you can say Ridley Scott. According to PMN a contributor to the film's IMDB forum claims to have been shown the trailer as part of a marketing survey. As well as his detailed description, he also mananged to get a few seconds of the video. What do you guys think - we think it's the real deal!

You can view the shakey video footage here, and read the description below:

Then we see like two cloaked people talking to eachother near the waterfall or something and theres a voice over from who I’m guesng is Noomi Rapace and she says something like: “A woman once told me a story of how man was created” then we see this giant human like creature thing (which im guesng is the Space Jockey thing from Alien but I’m not sure) Voiceover: “First there was the sun” and we see this giant oval alien ship covering the sky. Voice over ” And the sun said I’m alone and I have noone to shinedown on so it created man” and another shot of the giant space jockey thing. and then theres like shots of the crew on the space ship traveling to that planet

You see like a quick shot of Noomi Rapace and and the rest of the crew and a bunch of stuff is happening they’re all in their space suits running around with theyre flame throwers and stuff and theres this epic shot of this giant space station thing that looks like droid control ship from Star Wars Episdoe 1 falling down through the sky and the words

FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ALIEN come up and more shots of the crew in the ship running from exploons and stuff. Theres a shot of a green laser scanner thing running through a woman’s belly some more stuff then theres a quick shot of something bursting out from the space jockey thing.

And the last shot of the trailer is a close up Michal Fassbender in his space suit looking down at a kid face to face and he holds up a finger and he says “Big things have small beginnings” then the title comes up PROMETHEUS 6.8.12

I marked out at Fassbender that was a cool line, great teaser trailer it should be hitting theatres within the next month or so maybe I can’t wait"" class="photoborder" />

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