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Milla Jovovich Gives Us Another Behind-The-Scenes Look At Resident Evil: Retribution

Guess who's back with another behind-the-scenes look from the latest installment of the Redent Evil franchise? if you guessed Milla Jovovich then give yourself a big old pat on the back, unless your extremely obese, in that case just raise your fist in the air.

In this visual piece of behind-the-scenes goodness we get a look at one of the sets that's currently being used in 'Retribution' which just happens to be a replica of one of the biggest subway stations in the world which is housed in Rusa. We also get to hear Milla speak a little Rusan which to me is just plain sexy!

Check out the moving images below:

Redent Evil: Retribution is currently being filmed in Toronto and is expected to hit theaters on September 14, 2012.

Source: HorrorBid
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