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They're All Gonna Laugh At You...If You Don't Attend Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012!

We always strive to bring attendees the most admired icons from our beloved genre. This time, we think we've out done ourselves.

We're honored to announce that Piper Laurie will make her FIRST EVER horror convention appearance at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012!

Piper Laurie's Oscar nominated role of Margaret White, mother of a shy young psychic girl named Carrie, set the standard for eccentric religious zealot roles of the future. However, this was not her first Oscar nomination and it wasn't her last. Her first came with the role of Paul Newman's girlfriend in the clasc film, The Hustler. The third came with Children of a Lesser God.

Not counting Carrie, horror fans probably know Piper best from genre films like Robert Rodriguez's The Faculty, as well as Ruby, Dario Argento's Trauma and 27 episodes of Twin Peaks. She's played Aunt Em in Return to Oz with TFW alumni Fairuza Balk, starred alongde the two Corey's in Dream a Little Dream and can be seen in Hounddog with Dakota Fanning.

Most recently she starred with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson and Natalie Portman in the drama-comedy Hesher. Needless to say, we're honored to welcome Piper Laurie to Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012!

Piper joins previously announced guests Sam Trammell, Roddy Piper, Keith David, Tony Todd, Kim Darby, Anthony Michael Hall, Tom Savini, Nancy Allen, Derek Mears and more. Vit for tickets and info.
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