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The Orphan Killer - Is It Really As Good As They Say? [Review With Spoilers]

There are a lot of conflicting and obviously biased reviews flying around. Some say it is the best thing nce sliced limbs while others say it is a piece of unwatchable garbage. I'm right about in the middle for this one. This is my review for horrorbid, a slightly revised and open veron of my imdb review.

To start off, I'll give the film a 7 out of ten and explain why. This was in my opinion a great bit of guerrilla marketing at its finest. It had me hooked when I stumbled across it on Facebook and I could not wait to get my hands on it. That is honest although I can clearly say I did not go in looking for grade A acting or even above average gore.

The acting seemed forced in my opinion until it came to the terror and pain. There was a lot of both. That being said even as a staunch horror advocate who will watch near anything, the sheer amount of screaming in this flick started to grate on even me. I was pretty much waiting for a gag mply for a brief respite. The sound needed a bit of work for Marcus, his lines were nearly inaudible due to the audio balancing. I cannot give him a proper review because of it although you could tell he was pretty pissed. For that, I would have recommended recording his audio separate like a mucal number and adjust in post. Something to keep in mind for future endeavors from this crew.

The muc - I applaud the ballsy endeavor to go full out nonstop metal. Something I have been awaiting for years. That being said, the audio balancing makes it another problem, it's imposble to hear anyone over the awesome screaming guitars. Normally this would not be a complaint from me, this film however could go to a higher caliber from some fine tuning in the audio production. Most of my faults with this film are actually the audio.

The gore in this movie - this is where I laud this film. Few films have ever made me wince. This movie did it twice. Some parts were incredibly over the top while others were very believably toned down, screwdriver being my main example. No explove fountains of blood, merely a steady trickle when removed that really made me cringe. The barbed wire scene conflicts me though. On one hand it was the other part that really got me, that was some gruesome prosthetic work, on the other hand... She would be so very dead or severely crippled. The scenes following immediately after did not follow up with that injury very well. From obviously tearing off almost every strip of flesh from the bones in her hand to slightly bloody wrists, it killed the effectiveness of that scene. Overall though, the gore was handled extremely well and I rate this movie towards the top above a lot of competitors. I can't honestly think of one off the top of my head as brutal and unflinching as this one and I've been watching horror movies practically my entire life. I was watching Pumpkinhead when I was 7 for gods sake. Anyone that actually tries to argue Hostel or anything Eli Roth has done has no buness in this thread...

Finally the storyline as I wrap up this masve wall of text. The storyline was extremely thin, practically nonexistent. I expected roughly as much going in, although I will say to the makers of this film. While it's an admirable attempt to just go balls first at Mach five with nothing to fuel it but blood, guts and mayhem. I'd recommend crafting at least a bit of story into it. This was a concept piece pushed through to a feature length film and like my opinion of Laid to Rest, a film I would love to see remade and polished to perfection. I'm not talking about someone else pick up the slack and make the Orphan Killer or Chromeskull. Can't do it, no one should handle these films but the ones that made it in the first place. I would recommend however trying to put a little more intrigue or purpose behind the wonderful monsters you've made.

The makers of this film, you've done an amazing job of crafting a hardcore concept, the film however needs a lot of work so instead of having a bunch of people on here shouting 10 out of 10 perfect!!! Or a bunch of assholes trying to wipe their crack with it when they have no idea of what goes on behind a camera. I say 7/10, you made a bad ass attempt and one I hope you revit to make this one a freaking grand slam.

You've got a decent start, your ad campaign was brilliant, but your audio and storyline need some work.

The Orphan Killer is really only for the most dedicated of horror fans. Anyone else will be driven out of the room or actually the house by the screaming and over the top gore. Those unaffected and mply snobbish about their fix will merely mock it for mplicity and lack of engaging storyline or character development. This is not that film, it is unadulterated and unapologetic in its mison to paint as many walls with blood and body parts as posble with as little explanation as it can get away with.

- edit for clarification.

I'm not saying the 10/10 reviews are puppet accounts. I know how fans react and I wanted to give an alternate grounded review on technical merits. I'll stand by my opinion of wanting the film to be revited to build a stronger story but I will also further clarify that some of my issues with the audio were a matter of personal preference. I thought with the proper buildup and some scenes away from the torture, the screaming might be a bit more tolerable. Even for someone who sat all the way through, I'd have enjoyed the movie a bit more with less screaming. I'm gonna give the film another run through to see if I may retract my complaint over the audio balancing.
ironblade87 Sunday 11/27/2011 at 06:23 PM | 87577
hi Guys. I would agree. My 1st vit on

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neeveimpole Sunday 11/27/2011 at 11:08 PM | 87583
i have never even heard of this film lol
Matt_Molgaard Tuesday 11/29/2011 at 07:04 PM | 87633
It's a film by Matt Farnsworth that was marketed almost completely on facebook. It's been to several film festivals overseas but it has also been catching a lot of flak especially on imdb.
ironblade87 Wednesday 11/30/2011 at 01:15 AM | 87662
i have never even heard of this film lol

Ditto to that lol
AMadSquirrel21 Wednesday 11/30/2011 at 02:04 AM | 87667
I got like ten minutes into this movie and had to stop because the audio and the acting were so piss poor. Not sure if I'm gonna give it another shot. Also, it seems like all the hype for this movie was built up by the people who made it, I know they contributed their own shit on IMBD.
Nick Death Thursday 12/01/2011 at 12:40 PM | 87718
I have never heard of it either but based on this review and a couple others I found after reading this it sounds like my kind of movie. I love anything that is over the top gore/slasher as long as it doesnt look to ghetto, if the effects are good and the film doesnt look like it was shot with a camcorder ill like it.

thank you for turning me on to this, I ordered it off Facebook yesterday, cant wait to see it. The soundtrack is a nice bonus, seems like a good one to listen to in the gym
CHROMExSKULL Thursday 12/01/2011 at 12:42 PM | 87719
the orphan killer has over 105,000 facebook fans and growing. Premiered at tges film festival Spain,terror Molins de Rei (won best picture), sans Sebastian horror and sci-fi festival, Tohorror Italy, Morbido Mexico, bram Stokers uk, shriekfest LA, eerie horror film festival, and south Africa horrorfest. All as an official selection. Torrent of TOK has bad audio and video but DVD and bluray are excellent quality. Below are hundreds of fans comments about the movie. nce horrorbid is

Fan driven it should be cool to see the masve TOK fan following. This month TOK has a 4 page spread in Girls and corpses magazine. January Scream magazine UK is ung TOK image on cover and interviewing Matt Farnsworth inde.. Get it here.
murdermaker Saturday 12/03/2011 at 06:13 AM | 87818
Awesome review, I can't wait to get my hands on this little gem!
UndeadPlatypus Tuesday 12/06/2011 at 08:03 PM | 87987