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Bill Zebub's "Jesus, the Total Douchebag" featuring GWAR's Oderus Urungus.

Bill Zebub, bringing us delights such as Assmonster, Forgive me For Raping You, and Antfarm Dickhole, has announced his newest project titled Jesus, the Total Douchebag. Zebub, self proclaimed B-Movie king, is notorious for his antichristian subject matter and gnature shlocky special effects. Bill revists his favourite theme, and is proud to bring GWAR's own Oderus Urungus into the mix. Urungus is to portray Satan in the film, which is currently set to drop February 21, 2012. While Zebub claims that the film is not intended to offend, the logical mind would beg to differ and most likely not mind. It's a safe assumption that this will likely be screened at April's Cinema Wasteland convention in Ohio. While you're there, give Mr. Zebub a moment of your time, and pick up the DVD. If nothing else, it will make quite the interesting conversation piece. " class="photoborder" />
Airi Magdalene Tuesday 11/29/2011 at 01:59 AM | 87604