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Welcome To Hell, Hellraiser:Revelations (Review)

Today I was filling a little under the weather, so I stayed home and thought I'd find a good movie to watch.Well that wasn't the result.Earlier in the week I was at Walmart and I remembered seeing a copy of Hellraiser:Revelations and had somewhat forgotten about it.Flash forward to today where I thought I'd give it a shot and see how it was. Well, I'll just say it was an hour and fifteen minutes that should be erased from not only my head but the Hellraiser franchise.

First off and probably the most obvious reason this movie has been shit on so much and that being the lack of the one and ONLY Pinhead,Doug Bradley. Doug has been featured as Pinhead in all eight other entries in the franchise except for this one,which in the horror community isn't a good thing. Doug actually turned down the role mainly due to the fact the film was rushed so quickly into production,along with a mple budget of $300,000 and a slim shooting schedule. That brings up the second reason why this movie is hated,the budget and shooting schedule.Pretty much the only reason this was made, was because The Weinstein Company wanted to hold onto the rights of the Hellraiser franchise. So they threw out the proposed remake they had apparently been working on and gave us this.

I'll start out by saying I've seen better quality films and acting on Youtube. With the films quick shoot I can see how it can result in this. Plus an extremely unknown cast.The one known actor being Fred Tatasciore,who voices Pinhead, and he's known for his vocal work on several other films. This leads me to another reason why this film is so bad,being the choice to play Pinhead.Now we've seen many times in horror franchises where one actor steps down and another takes place. Hell, at least people knew who Jackie Earle Haley was. But with this feature a man named Stephan Smith Collins was chosen to step up.Now I personally have never heard of him, but I honestly feel that they could have at least put a little better effort into finding a man to replace Doug Bradley (even though there isn't one) but that definitely wasn't the case. If I may just throw in the fact that it looked like Pinhead could've lost a little weight, just saying.

The film starts out as two boys flee from their privileges lives in California,for Mexico. There they enter the world of booze and hookers,leading to one killing a hooker. From there they make there way to a strip club where a they discover a very cliche looking homeless man,who gives them the puzzle box and promises sensual pain or something like that. Later they take back to their hotel where one opens it to unleash the Cenobites.Now then to present day where one of the boys mothers is watching the tape on their camera that was found along with the box. During dinner between the families of the two misng boys, one mysteriously returns out of nowhere.He's all distorted and tripped out. It then shows flashbacks to their days in Mexico where it's revealed that one was actually taken by the Cenobites and now needs flesh to survive (sound familiar). So one ends up killing for the other to survive (also sound familiar). Until one is ck off killing the other and SPOILER ALERT kills the other boy and takes his skin. So back with the families one boy is actually pretending to be the other.For some reason in the middle of the film the homeless man returns and cuts off the face of one of the boys fathers, killing him and just leaves. So that's never really explained. But then there's the big climax scene where the boy forces his friends ster to open the box and call upon the Cenobites.Its then we find out that the boy who has lost his skin is now a Cenobite. From there I'll just go on and say SPOILER ALERT that three other people including the boy are killed by the Cenobites and they leave with Pinhead bacally saying that when the time is right they'll return (let's hope not).

In film changes back and forth from begin a found footage film to shot normally,which probably aided the crew in shooting. The script, as with the rest of the film, was definitely one of the things that shouldn't of been rushed. There are so many parts of the plot that just don't make sense. Just out of nowhere a man shows up with the puzzle box? Somehow one of the characters stumbles all the way from Mexico to California?Just doesn't work for me.

If you wanna hear some potives, here's all I got for you.I'm not afraid to say that with the budget the film had,the effects weren't too bad.That's really the only potive thing I've got to say. The blood looked somewhat real as did some of wounds found on the Cenobites and other characters.

Now to be honest(and don't hate me for saying this) but I think I would've rather of seen a remake instead of this. At least with the remake there'd be a bigger budget, a more well-known cast and director and a better shooting schedule.But nope, The Weinstein company just had to hold on to their precious rights. The one thing that just cut the throat of this film was what the mastermind behind the franchise,Clive Barker,has to say "I want to put on record that the flick out there ung the word Hellraiser IS NO FUCKIN' CHILD OF MINE! have NOTHING to do with the fuckin' thing. If they claim its from the mind of Clive Barker, it's a lie. It's not even from my butt-hole.".With a statement like that,you just can't conder it a Hellraiser film.

Now all we can do,is t and wait and see what's in store for the franchise and if and when we'll see Pinhead(and hopefully THE TRUE Pinhead)back on the screen.Like the boys night in Mexico in the movie,let's just try to forget this happened.
zombie10 Friday 12/02/2011 at 12:43 AM | 87733
lol nice review man. Pretty much like I figured. And an hour and 15 minutes? Come on... I'd like to think this was mply a fan produced film with a low budget? But that was wishful thinking I guess lol. And yeah, Pinhead looks like he has a thyroid gland disorder, or has down syndrome.
Jonny Sicko Friday 12/02/2011 at 01:06 AM | 87736
Problem is that hour 15 mins feels like an eternity because of the low budget feel and B-actors.

This movie definitely had no redeeming qualities and was made for the sole purpose of the rights.

Still, I think there are talented film students that could have put together a better film in the same amount of time.

A shame.

Great review.

BTW, I think the remake/reboot is still being worked on so hopefully DB will return!
maverick96 Friday 12/02/2011 at 02:55 AM | 87740
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aceofspades70 Friday 12/02/2011 at 04:10 AM | 87744
I generally believe in paying good money to watch a film, but when I discovered that Hellraiser: Revelations was made just to keep the rights, I decided to watch it for free online... So glad I didn't waste my cash! I tried to give it a chance, but I was just laughing out loud at some scenes (mainly at the dire acting). Safe to say I won't be adding this to my Hellraiser DVD's. That would be like adding Mahakaal: The Monster to my Nightmare On Elm Street DVD collection as if it were a legitimate sequel.
Evilution Friday 12/02/2011 at 11:35 AM | 87759
I feel like this review is pointless because you don't need to see this movie to know its bad, you only need to see it to know just HOW bad it really is, not that the one's before it were really any better (at least they dad Doug Bradley). The gore and effects were the only thing I can approve of really, but that doesn't save this shit-tastic excuse of a movie. By the way- wtf is up with Chaterer being a chick all of a sudden? It's like while the writers were busy shitting out the script one of them said "Oh yeah, and in this one Chaterer has tits. Why?....Cause fuck 'em, that's why!"
Nick Death Saturday 12/03/2011 at 12:52 AM | 87790
Good review I watched this and howling reborn on the same day,not a wise choice.But as much of a steaming pile of arse this was.It was better than alot of the other sequels in the franchise.

To be honest I don't know why I keep watching these films there hasn't been a good one nce Hellbound Hellraiser2
krsdacritter Monday 12/05/2011 at 04:52 PM | 87918
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neeveimpole Tuesday 12/06/2011 at 07:45 AM | 87958
I watched this movie and I have too say it was a great sequel.I did hate that Doug Bradley didn't return but I thought the new guy did a great job feeling in.All the other sequels were great too in the franchise and should have gotten released in the theatre.I hope either the remake get's done or they comeout with another sequel in the future,I wish they had came out with more sequels to the other great franchises like Nightmare on Elm street,Friday the 13th and Halloween.Atleast Hellraiser got this sequel and Halloween has one coming this coming year.It's ashame nobody else seemed to enjoy this movie but atleast I enjoyed it for the great entertainment that it delivered to me and I can't wait too make my way through my masve dvd collection and watch it again.Long live Pinhead.
horrorlord Saturday 12/10/2011 at 05:51 AM | 88129