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Norman Reedus Talks THE WALKING DEAD's Return: Less Talking, More Zombie Killings!

The horror community is still all shooken up from the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead that we saw last week. There were twists and turns and plenty of action while maintaing drama at the same time. But now fans are left to wonder whats in store for when the show returns in February. Star, Norman Reedus (aka Daryl) was recently interviewed and gave us a little word on what to expect when the show makes it's return.

Norman stated: "I can say that in the second half, after this hiatus, people are done talking," he told Daemon's TV. "It's all kind of firecrackers from here on out. It gets more action packed. The first part of the season, it gets slow when people have to talk. That's just how it works. I think the writers have done such a great job with setting up storylines and explaining them when they need to be explained, not over talking it and not over thinking it. There are certain things that need to be said to keep the story moving and I think they've done a good job with it. I know when people watch the show they go, ‘More zombies. More death.' But you have to do a bit of talking. Otherwise it's ‘Transformers.'"

I personally am all for more action and zombie killings but I do think that the talking is import to establish a story line and drama which helps make the show, the hit that it is. I guess were just left to wait until February to see how season two will end!

zombie10 Friday 12/02/2011 at 06:55 PM | 87768
I love his Transformers jab.
DaShape Saturday 12/03/2011 at 12:26 AM | 87789