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Lucky McKee's 'The Woman' Arrives On Blu-Ray This January - We've Got The Details!

One film that we really enjoyed this past year, mainly because we're ck SOB's is Lucky McKee's controveral film The Woman - and we just got word that all the blood soaked goodness is making it's way home in beautiful 1080p as well as DVD format on January 24th. The film which is part of the Bloody-Disgusting Selects line will also be available On Demand and as a Digital Download/Rental the same day.

Special Features Include:

The Making-of The Woman featurette Deleted scenes Short Film: Mi Burro Muc Track “"Distracted" by Sean Spillane

Plot Synops:

A domineering, upper-middle class father abducts a feral woman while out on a day-long hunting trip. With his twisted set of ideals, he decides to embark upon a deranged project – to "civilize" her – a decion that he and his family will soon regret. Tearing apart the image of the all-American family, director Lucky McKee and writer Jack Ketchum unleash a savage depiction of the war of the sexes and nature versus civilization. Labeled one of the most controveral films of the year, The Woman is a must for all fans of horror.

Source: D-C
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