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EXCLUSIVE: Shocking New Clip & Stills From Hellsgate Pictures 'PERSEVERATION'

One film that we've been promoting the hell out of here at the 'Bid is Adam Sotelo's ck and twisted film with the name that nobody can seem to pronounce correctly. Perseveration (per-sev-er-a-shun) focuses on Sotelo's view on religion and the course it takes on the human mind, and your about to see from these brand new stills and excluve clip just how fucked up Sotelo's view actually is.

In this very disturbing clip we see a man of God "pleasuring himself to a cross made from flesh and severed heads." See we told you he was one ck fuck!

Pictured Above: Adam Sotelo

Hellsgate Pictures has also started a Kickstarter program to help make Perseveration as ck as it can be. If you have a buck or two to spare and you would like to help back the film please click HERE.

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