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The Infamous HALLOWEEN Michael Myers "Escape" Mask

I have not posted in quite some time here on the 'Bid but wanted to show off one of my latest Michael Myers "Escape" masks that I have created by hand. This in my onion is one of my favorite masks next to the famous William Shatner converon of course. If you're a collectible fan or just a fan of Michael Myers in general and regardless of whether you are a fan of the remakes or not, there is no denying that this is truly one eerie looking mask. Hope you Bidites enjoy it and if you're looking for one for Christmas or anytime of the year please don't hetate to message me here. Thanks all, now onto the pics.

Devils Eyes Wednesday 12/14/2011 at 01:01 AM | 88251
Damn that is perfect! Great job! Maybe I will acquire one in the near future.
Sephit Thursday 12/15/2011 at 11:30 AM | 88289
Thanks man. I can also be found on facebook. Brandon Croslin or BCPro
Devils Eyes Thursday 12/15/2011 at 10:18 PM | 88299