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HorrorBid's Crazy Carnage CHRISTMAS Contest - Guess The Scene And Win!

It's almost time for that big guy to make his way down the chimney this year, and what better way to celebrate someone breaking and entering your home than with a holiday contest fit for Bidites everywhere? Yes, courtesy of Warner Bros. we have 2 Blu-ray/DVD/Ultraviolet Digital combo packs for everyones favorite 3D horror carnage film, FINAL DESTINATION 5 ,

is being released on December 27th, 2011.

Now we have been doing contests for years now and this is our first guess the scene, film it's from (all are from the FD series) and you win. The first person to guess every scene and which film it is from wins a copy as mentioned in the paragraph above. It's that mple and nce we have two copies to giveaway, we will have two winners.

The Blu-ray combo pack comes with two discs featuring the movie in standard DVD and Blu-ray, as well as streaming options through Ultraviolet, and a digital copy. Bonus features include a “Final Destination 5: Circle of Death” featurette

that talks about how part five connects to the franchise’s first movie. There’s also a 15-minute Alternate Death Scenes featurette.

For you special effects nuts out there, there are two great bonus featurettes that give you a great look at how they did the film’s two main disaster sequences, the opening bridge collapse and a plane sequence later on. The lengthy bridge sequence runs over 9 minutes (the airplane sequence is just over 3 minutes), and features a de-by-de comparison of the sequences as it appears in the finished movie and the untouched sequence minus the special effects and finished green screen work added in later.

The contest will end on Christmas Day at midnight when we will reveal the exact scene, who was in the scene and which film the image was taken from. We will also release the full ze image of the particular scenes we have below. Good luck and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you Bidites out there in horror land.

If you're itching to have FINAL DESTINATION 5 and you don't win the film is being released on December 27th, 2011, you can reserve you're copy right now by viting Amazon at this link: ... B004EPZ08Y

Prizes: Two (2) Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack with Ultraviolet Digital Copies. Please note, Warner Bros. can’t ship to PO Boxes and winners must be within the United States.

How to Enter: mply be the first person to guess the correct scene and film from the image below. Limit one guess per user. Guesses only count if you're a registered member of HorrorBid and the comment is made below. Guesses on our social media platforms do not count. The two users that guess correctly first out of the 5 images below will be the winners. Good luck and enjoy!

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Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Monday 12/19/2011 at 07:11 PM | 88430
scene 1: is Final Destination 2 (Evan apartment fire/fire escape impale) scene 2:

is Final Destination 3 (Erin Nail gun impale) scene 5: Final Destination 5 (Candance gymnastic super death) scene 4: The Final Destination (Nadia Tire smash) Scene 3: The Final Destination (Andy pushed through fence
Artclasshero Monday 12/19/2011 at 07:25 PM | 88432
Scene 1: Final Destination 2 (Ladder Scene where the guy escapes from burning apartment) Scene 2: Final Destination 3 (Nail gun scene in the warehouse) Scene 3: The Final Destination (Final Destination 4) (Scene where the guy goes through the fence) Scene 4: Final Destination (Unsure, it was the only film I didn't put to a scene :( ) Scene 5: Final Destination 5 (Gymnastic scene)

I edited this after reading the rules.
AshPower23 Monday 12/19/2011 at 07:33 PM | 88433
1. Evan(lottery dude)'s ladder death - FD2

2. Erin's nail gun death - FD3

3. Andy's carbon dioxide-tank/chain link fence death - TFD/FD4

4. Nadia's tire death - TFD/FD4

5. Candace's badass gymnastic's death - FD5

EDIT: All we had to do was name the film? I thought guess the scene meant that we describe whose death it was.
DrCam Monday 12/19/2011 at 07:33 PM | 88434
James (Dr.Cam) you read the rules correctly - you must guess the scene and which movie it was from.
Anonymous Monday 12/19/2011 at 07:41 PM | 88436
Scene 1: From Final Destination 2: When the guy who won the lottery was escaping the fire in his apartment and he fell under the fire escapes ladder.

Scene 2: From Final Destination 3: When they are all at the Home Depot type store and the nail gun shoots nails into the back of the girls head.

Scene 3: From The Final Destination: When they are at that Garage shop and The guy gets blasted into the fence.

Scene 4: From The Final Destination: When they are standing out front of the race track stadium and the one race car tire comes out of no where and takes the girls head clean off.

Scene 5: From Final Destination 5: When the girl is doing the flip during her gymnastics thing and the smoke screws her up and she literally lands and breaks herself in half.
JerseyUnleashedFilms Monday 12/19/2011 at 07:45 PM | 88439
Scene 1: Evan Lewis' death scene from Final Destination 2.

He escaped his burning apartment only to slip and be impaled right through the eye by a ladder.


That had to hurt!
dakotathomas Monday 12/19/2011 at 08:02 PM | 88441
Scene 1- Final Destination 2- This is Evan Lewis after he first gets his hand released from being stuck in the drain, he then realizes its to late to stop the fire, he brakes and escapes out his window. He then attempts to climb down on the latter, but the latter doesn't go all the way to the ground, he forces the latter down only for it thrust down quickly and Evan to fall on his back, the latter then falls down in the direction of his eye, it stops right before his eyes as he laugh's, and the latter immediately falls directly into his right eye killing him instantly.

Scene 2- Final Destination 3- This is when Wendy realizes that Ian McKinley is going to die by sharp wooden boards, they begin to fall on him as Kevin saves him, death then skips Ian, a piece of wood falls on a another wooden board only to bounce off and shoot through mid-air through the wood shipping bag (i don't know what its called), wood chippings fly out of the ripped open hole and flies in Erin's eyes caung her to react and fall back and hit a shelf, on the shelf is a loaded nail gun, her head hits the tip as it, which then triggers the nail gun, it shoots rapidly into her head several times, shooting from the back of her head to the front of her face, she dies almost instantly.

Scene 3- The Final Destination- This is when Nick, Lori, and George go to the mechanic shop to save Andy Kewzer (Mechanic) from being next on deaths list, they then are forced to walk outde, as death causes the van that he was working on to fall back on the ramp, driving freely into Andy's direction, the wire stops the car as it just about crushes Andy against the sharp metal fence, he then believes its not his turn to die and begins to walk back into the work shop. The wire holder (holding the car) then breaks off and flies into the fire extinguisher knob caung the smoke to shoot out, it then flies into Andy and pushes him against the sharp wire fence, caung his mid-section to be diced killing him.

Scene 4- The Final Destination- This is directly after Nick has his vion and saving his friends from being killed, the whole group (Nick, Lori, George, Janet, Hunt, Andy, his GF Nadia, and Carter) stand outde of the race car stadium baffled about what there seeing, Nadia has then had enough of all this crazy talk and shouts out "Have you all lost your fucking minds", as she say's this a tire is seen behind her flying out of the stadium and directly towards her, it then flies into the back of her head ripping her head, shoulder, and arm off killing her instantly.

Scene 5- Final Destination 5- This is were Candice Hooper goes for her gymnastics practice with her boyfriend Peter Friedkin. She them gets the feeling of not being focused, but Peter inst that she goes ahead, she then gets on the balance beam doing her flips, a screw from the fan above falls directly on the beam standing sharp de up she does one final flip as she just about steps on the screw but just misses it, she doesn't even notice the screw , she does really good and she gets back to herself, she goes to the high-bars and does her flips on that. While Candice is doing her flips, another girl gets on the balance beam and does her flips, the girl then does her final flip and steps right on the screw, in pain she falls of the balance beam and knocks over the bowl full of powder, the powder is then blown into a floor fan and is blown directly into Candice's face, she then freaks out and lets go of the bar in the middle of a flip, she then flies up in the air and lands on her her face caung her back to snap forward in a horrific manner killing her.
elmstreetjme Wednesday 12/21/2011 at 12:25 AM | 88479