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A New 'Army of Darkness' Comic Book Is Coming Our Way This February

Normally I'm not the "go to guy" when it comes to the comic book news, but I just found out that a new chapter in the Army of Darkness adventure is going to be hitting comic book shelves on February 22 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Check out the deets below as well as the cover art for the first issue:

Listen up, screwheads! A new chapter in the Army of Darkness saga begins here from Elliot Serrano, Marat Mychaels, and Tim Seeley. As the evil of the Necronomicon spreads across the cosmos, a new ally in the war against the Deadites emerges. Who is the woman named 'Ash' and what relation does she have to 'The Chosen One' Ashley J. Williams? And who is the alien Deadite creature who follows her across time and space? The answers lie deep within the pyramids of ancient a parallel universe. The adventures of everyone's favorite chainsaw-swinging, boomstick-wielding hero continue

To pre-order your copy online, click HERE.

Source: DC
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