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Michael Myers HALLOWEEN "Haddonfield Elementary Jersey" T-Shirt - SALE CHEAP

Root for your favorite team of the Samhain Season with your "Haddonfield Elementary Jersey" Tee Shirt.

With front and back graphics showing your true elementary school spirit and undying love for the month of'll be set to greet Trick r' Treaters or to mply drive around in a stolen hospital issue Station Wagon after escaping from an insane asylum.

The posbilities are endless!

Choose from 7 Different Colors:

White w/Orange & Black, Yellow w/Red & Orange, Ice Gray w/Orange & Black, Red w/Black & Gray, Black w/Orange & White, Orange w/Black & White, Red w/White & Black.

Haddonfield Elementary Jersey Tee Shirt is 100% Cotton w/Full Color, Digitally Printed Graphics.

Price: $20.00

Sale Price: $18.00 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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