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"Sounds Like" Murder To Me - A Masters Of Horror Review

Up until now, my favorite Masters Of Horror episode has been Homecoming, a comedic zombie episode about soldiers from Iraq coming back, not not anymore.Sounds Like is the story of Larry, who spends his days working management at a call center, and his nights at home with his wife, who just wants to have a second child after the loss of their first, due to medical complications. Larry has a little problem, he hears too well. Far to well. The smallest noises, like the tapping of a finger, or the sound of a drop of water, is so loud to him, that it over powers all thought, he just focuses on the noise, and the pain that it gives him. Poor old Larry will do anything, anything at all, just to make it stop.

I can't even begin to explain how much I loved this episode, from start to finish, it goes it strong, and leaves even stronger. Brad Anderson was behind the directors chair for this one, who brought us Seson 9, and The Machinist, as well as quite a few

episodes of the tv show Fringe, and does a great job here, as he did there. This is the only movie I've seen that I can say caused me phycal pain, and while that may sound like a bad thing, here it helped me to identify with what Larry is going through. Every sound is delivered either high pitched, like nails on a chalk board, or with deep bass, enough to rattle your skull.

Now, I'm going to get into some spoilers here, so I suggest skipping this paragraph if you haven't seen Sounds Like yet. It's my theory, which may be wrong, that Larry is just a person with mental illness, cause over hearing his sons irregular heartbeat, too late to save him, and racked with guilt, I think that the sounds are coming through to him magnified as his way of coping with the guilt. There's evidence to prove my theory right, but there's also evidence to prove it wrong, and I think it was meant to be that way, to leave you wondering.

As far as gore goes, this one is rather tame, and I think it works for it's benefit.

There is a couple of scenes in the last half which are gruesome, and well done, but nothing compared to other entries we've seen in the Masters Of Horror series.

I highly recommend Sounds Like, it's one of those one's I'm going to be lending to everyone I know, and recommending to people for years to come.

Score - 95% Gore - 3/10
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