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As you may know, unless you don't care much for monster movies the news of a new Godzilla film has been spread out, and it seems like they are on the right path to make a decent movie, but the public opinion, me included, is skeptic about it, and we owe it to a really grim 1998 adaptation that left a scar that will be hard to heal.

Back in the day, Godzilla, was about the biggest meanest son of a gun in the world, and he faced a lot of great adversaries, but it wasn't all glory for our over grown lizard friend, some of the worst films made in cinema history had his name on it, and as a reminder to Legendary pictures and Gareth Edwards on what could go wrong, here I present my TOP 5 Worst films of the GODZILLA franchise.#5 Godzilla and Mothra the Battle for Earth:

First off, this was a remake, or a sequel/reboot of one of the best Godzilla movies, so you just can't go right with that, second of all, our lizard friend has little to no screen time, so we barely get to se him, add to that poor acting and over the top cheesy script (even for a Godzilla movie it was cheesy) and you just get a recipe for a really crappy movie. Godzillas Revenge More a reel of old Godzilla Footage, some kids imaginary best friend relationship with Minilla, and his story of being bullied, than a Godzilla movie, this movie really not just sucked but it wasn't even relevant on the Godzilla story, yet again fucking up the continuity of all previous films, also it featured a bully/villian for minilla to face called Gabara, a giant, wart covered, upright walking Hyena that is probably one of the worst villains in Godzilla history. Just everything was bad about this movie. #3 Godzilla vs. MegalonA movie so bad not even the creators were willing to admit they made it, it was believed to be public domain, yeah, that bad. It involved an underwater civilization poorly costumed and set, a giant cockroach and his one eyed buddy, a gawd awful ze changing robot called Jet Jaguar, and one of the shittiest Godzillas to be seen yet. Somehow this is one of the most viewed Godzilla movies of all time, which might explain why most people are thrown off watching any Godzilla related thing when the bitter taste of having watched this kicks in. #2 Godzilla 1998 American veron Let's be honest, as soon as you read the title you knew this was gonna show up eventually, it just had to. To be absolutely fair with this movie, allow me to elaborate on why it was so bad, or it seemed so bad, first off this was set to be a monstrous movie (pardon the pun), the budget was big, the expectations were high, and marketing wise it was one of the biggest ad campaigns for a movie I've seen, on TV, on the movies, radio, newspapers, toy brands, happy meals, burger king, KFC, fu$king everywhere! The hype on this movie was so high that even an animated series branched out of it. My honest concluon is the hype killed it, people were expecting just too much of this film, and by that standard, nothing Roland Emmerich could have done would have satisfied the audience.

It barely made it's budget of $130,000,000 back, grosng up to $136,023,813. The acting was off, the effects were good condering it was 1998, the premise was good, better than most japanese verons, but the studio really just cared about the money and not about the film so it just plain killed it, it had potential but it just wasn't enough. #1 Godzilla 2000Just a couple years after Hollywood delivered the huge let down "Godzilla" was, Japan decided it was their turn to yet again reboot the Godzilla franchise, delivering one of the worst movies, not only Godzilla wise, in modern cinema history. Despite it being one of the shortest films in the franchise, running up to 98 minutes, it feels three hours long, most of the film consts of Godzilla swimming towards it's destination and god awful bullshit dialogue which results painful to listen too, the CGI is worse looking than the toy Godzilla used in previous Japanese verons, there's technical mistakes like really shitty green screening faults, as well as continuity failures through out the whole damn thing, and it's just plain painful to see. This film also featured one of the worst villains, right next to "Gabara", in the franchise, "Orga: the giant squid", really?

Well Bidites thats my Top 5 worst Godzilla films, let us remind this as a list of what not to do in a monster movie, and let's hope it is useful to the afore mentioned producers and director of Hollywood's second attempt at this franchise, until then stay tuned for more info on the film set to be released 2012 right here on HorrorBid.
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Saturday 12/31/2011 at 02:39 PM | 88821
The 1998 American veron may have not been the best but it has a great tagline,

"ZE DOES MATTER" That is hilarious!
Sephit Saturday 12/31/2011 at 08:16 PM | 88831
What about GODZILLA: FINAL WARS? Holy crap that movie sucked!
ObscureCinema101 Sunday 1/01/2012 at 07:03 PM | 88848
What about King Kong vs. Godzilla.

That was just awful.
JohnCarpenterfan Thursday 2/02/2012 at 04:08 AM | 90094