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The Second Trailer For Indie Flick 'Six Degrees of Hell' Brings The Scares

Just a few days ago we dropped the latest art down for filmmaker Joe Raffa's x Degrees of Hell and now we've got our hands (figuratively speaking) on the second trailer for the indie film which has been creating a lot of buzz on the scene.

Click on the image below which will direct you to the goods.

x people and their lives are stitched together by a supernatural force that has laid claim to one of them. A Halloween haunted establishment is ground zero for a paranormal perfect storm inadvertently touched off by a seemingly random series of events. x Degrees of Hell was directed by Joe Raffa and written by Harrison Smith. The film stars Corey Feldman, Jill Whelan, Brian Anthony Wilson, Susan Moses, and Tom McCarthy. Joe Raffa, Nikki Bell, Kyle Patrick Brennan, Nicole Cinaglia, and David Bonner.

x Degrees of Hell is currently in post production.

Source: Fabrication Films
Anonymous Monday 1/02/2012 at 10:03 PM | 88894
I am VERY interested to see how this film turns out. They've made some pretty bold promises!
nolifefan Monday 1/02/2012 at 10:25 PM | 88896