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What Happens in Texas, Stays in Texas!

What happens at TFW, stays at TFW! We're just warming up with this month's guest additions with the announcement of two from Robert Rodriguez's N CITY!

Michael Madsen is equally adept at portraying heroic as well as villainous characters. There's something in the way he delivers his lines with an underlying aggreson masked behind his gravelly tones that makes you feel very uneasy about his true intentions! Not only did Michael Madsen appear in the wildly explove Robert Rodriguez feature, N CITY, but his career is filled with iconic films like Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill Vol 1 & Kill Bill Vol 2. Additionally, Madsen is featured in Mulholland Falls, Donnie Brasco, Thelma and Louise, Oliver Stone's The Doors, Wyatt Earp, Species (and Species 2), Die Another Day, Scary Movie 4 and a recurring role on the hit TV show 24.

Who can forget Madsen's Mister Blonde in Reservoir Dogs as he playfully danced around a tied-down and terrified police officer, slicing him with a knife and splashing gasoline all over the petrified man, all to the cheery tunes of Stealers Wheels' "Stuck In the Middle With You."

In addition to his film work, Madsen has contributed dialogue to two of Sony PlayStations's biggest-selling games, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Driv3r, as well as writing several books of his own poetry.

We're also pleased to welcome Patricia Vonne to her first ever convention appearance at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012. Many will be familiar with her "Zorro" costumed character of Dallas in N CITY. However, even more will recognize Patricia as an accomplished mucian. A native of San Antonio, Texas she moved to New York City in 1990 to pursue her artistic ambitions. Patricia worked extenvely in Europe and America and was featured in national / international commercials, and film work. She formed her own mucal band and performed the NY circuit from 1998-2001 before relocating to her native Texas where she currently tours extenvely in US, Mexico and Europe. Patricia toured as a member of Tito and Tarantula in 2002 (the band featured in the film From Dusk Till Dawn). Her muc has been featured in films such as Once Upon a Time in Mexico ("Traeme Paz"), Hell Ride ("Mudpies and Gasoline") and more.

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